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Advertise in a unique place – attract more traffic!

Advertise on niched sub-pages

Presenting your course/training on either of Eduway’s two specific advertising locations allows you to increase traffic to your presentation approx. three or fourfold. One option is to present your course/training on the first page of the niched sub-area relating to your particular offerings.


Benefits of advertising on niched sub-pages
  • Your course/training is presented on the first page of the selected niched area
  • There will be a direct link providing a shortcut to your course/training
  • Your company logotype appears on the start page alongside your current course/training
  • Unique placement of your course since it is not located ‘under scroll’.
Eduway recommends

advertising on niched sub-pages for a short and intensive period with the aim of creating more traffic. For example, if your advertising period has two weeks remaining, this is a great opportunity to advertise on the front page since this generates approx. 3-4 times more visitors and creates an extra push at the end of an advertising period.

Advertising on the main page

The other possibility for presenting your course/training is through the main page, where users are able to choose which segments they wish to access.


Benefits of advertising on the main segments page
  • Your course/training is presented on the main page before the user chooses which segment she/he is interested in
  • Direct link/shortcut to your course/training
  • With a good title, you can attract users who may not have actually thought of searching for your type of training but became interested because of your advertising title
  • Cost effective since you reach out to all of Eduway’s users – regardless of whether visitors are searching for a course as a student or business or as a new leisure interest.
Eduway recommends

using the main segment page to advertise when you want to reach a large audience.

Statistics and follow-up/evaluation

Since Eduway constantly strive for long-term and recurring cooperation, we take great care to continuously follow-up and provide feedback on the response to advertising campaigns.

Once half the advertising period has passed, Eduway’s account manager and graphic designers provide feedback with both spoken and written follow-up reports. The written follow-up is posted to you and describes, amongst other things, how many people have read the presentation, how the users have clicked their way forward in the presentation and the general reaction to the presentation.

After half the period, it is a good opportunity to make changes or additions to the presentation. In this way, the presentation always feels ‘alive’. These changes/additions are free of charge. As part of the follow-up, you as a provider of training services receive specific tips on points worth considering should you wish to make changes to the presentation.


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