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Banner advertising – strengthen a brand and increase traffic!

Banner advertising on Eduway allows your company logo to be seen by thousands of training candidates on Eduway’s niched sub-pages relating to your business. Such banners are directly linked to your current presentations or alternatively to your own website.

Benefits of banner advertising

  • Approx. 4 times more visitors to your current presentations
  • Direct link to you website if desired
  • Opportunity to target banner advertising to a specific candidate group that is linked to a geographic location or to a particular skill or industry.
  • Increased brand recognition for your company and your business
  • Increased sense of certainty for individuals looking for training
Eduway recommends

banner advertising when you have several training/courses published at the same time or alternatively if there is little time left to the final application date and you want to create an extra push over the last few weeks with the objective of filling all your places.

See some examples of customers who use banner advertising:

West London College



Statistics and follow-up/evaluation

Since Eduway constantly strives for long-term and recurring cooperation, we take great care to continuously follow-up and provide feedback on the response to advertising campaigns.

Once half the advertising period has passed, Eduway’s account manager and graphic designers provide feedback with both spoken and written follow-up reports. The written follow-up is posted to you and describes, amongst other things, how many people have read the presentation, how the users have clicked their way forward in the presentation and the general reaction to the presentation.

After half the period, it is a good opportunity to make changes or additions to the presentation. In this way, the presentation always feels ‘alive’. These changes/additions are free of charge. As part of the follow-up, you as a provider of training services receive specific tips on points worth considering should you wish to make changes to the presentation.

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