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Business presentation – create brand awareness and build sustainability

A business presentation on Eduway allows you to market your company and your workplace in a more long-term way compared with traditional advertising. In particular, you also create long-term brand awareness. The company presentation is visible even during periods in which you are not actively recruiting course participants. Eduway’s graphic designers put together a proposal detailing what a company presentation should include, using your website and your requirements as a starting point. You can then modify this proposed presentation. The presentation gives you an excellent opportunity to describe your company and your workplace as well as to list all the benefits experienced by an individual who chooses you when making an application for a training course.

Benefits of business presentations
  • Presentation is shown for up to 24 months
  • Links from the presentation to your current courses/training.
  • Directs traffic to your own website via the direct link from the presentation
  • Increased brand awareness about your company and your business
  • In order to reach the right target group, you can choose which of Eduway’s niched sub-pages the presentation is to appear under
  • Increased sense of certainty for individuals looking for training
Eduway recommends

publishing business presentations with the aim of attracting course participants and applicants over the long-term.

See some examples of business presentations:

Centre for Nutrition Education

National Design Academy

London school of Film

Statistics and follow-up/evaluation

Since Eduway constantly strive for long-term and recurring cooperation, we take great care to continuously follow-up and provide feedback on the response to advertising campaigns.

Once half the advertising period has passed, Eduway’s account manager and graphic designers provide feedback with both spoken and written follow-up reports. The written follow-up is posted to you and describes, amongst other things, how many people have read the presentation, how the users have clicked their way forward in the presentation and the general reaction to the presentation.

After half the period, it is a good opportunity to make changes or additions to the presentation. In this way, the presentation always feels ‘alive’. These changes/additions are free of charge. As part of the follow-up, you as a provider of training services receive specific tips on points worth considering should you wish to make changes to the presentation.


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