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Presentation and mail shot – effective and focused on target groups!

Providing a presentation at Eduway about yourself as a trainer and your current training/courses is probably the most effective and accurate way of reaching out to those companies and individuals seeking skills and development training. As well as the presentation being published on Eduway, it is also sent by e-mail to companies/individuals in Eduway’s directory that have registered interest for such a type of training/course. These are individuals who have stated that they are searching for a training/course in your very region.

In order to further ensure that you gain the desired result, our graphic designers put together presentation material based on your website and your particular needs.

Benefits of presentation and mail out

  • Your presentation is seen by thousands of people looking for training, on the very day it is published
  • Eduway’s graphic designers take care of all the administrative work in connection with the publication
  • The presentation is automatically sent to candidates/companies that have registered an interest in such courses/training
  • At the start of the advertising period, the presentation appears directly on the Eduway main page, so that you as an advertiser receive maximum exposure for your presentation right from the very start.Your logotype appears in colour in the presentation during the entire advertising period
  • There are no restrictions as far as text and colour are concerned in your presentation. You can make as many changes or additions as you wish during the entire advertising period, totally free of charge!
  • Eduway’s advanced measurement tool allows us to analyse how those looking for training have acted on the page and, in particular, enables us to make changes to your presentation taking the user’s behaviour into account
Eduway recommends

presentations and mail shots as advertising when you need to reach a specific target group. It is often the case that individuals/companies start applying for the advertised course/training just a couple of weeks after publication on Eduway.

See some examples of customers who advertise using the presentation and mail shot service:

Europa school of English

Statistics and follow-up/evaluation

Since Eduway constantly strives for long-term and recurring cooperation, we take great care to continuously follow-up and provide feedback on the response to advertising campaigns.

Once half the advertising period has passed, Eduway’s account manager and graphic designers provide feedback in the form of both a verbal and written follow-up reports. The written follow-up is posted to you and describes, amongst other things, how many people have read the presentation, how the users have clicked their way forward in the presentation and the general reaction to the presentation.

After half the period, it is a good opportunity to make changes or additions to the presentation. In this way, the presentation always feels ‘alive’. These changes/additions are free of charge. As part of the follow-up, you as a provider of training services receive specific tips on points worth considering should you wish to make changes to the presentation.

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