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About Eduway

Eduway is owned by SIG International AB, a fast-growing and dynamic entrepreneurial company which was founded by Per Andersson and Nicklas Thorstenson in 2007. In 2008 and 2009 it was appointed to be one of Sweden’s hottest web companies by Internetworld/IDG and was Shortcut magazine’s Newcomer of the Year.

SIG International AB is Europe's fastest growing career network. The company operates in Europe and currently has activities in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Great Britain, Germany, Switzerland and Austria.


Since the start in 2007, about 2,000 educators have hired Eduway for its services.


Every month, thousands of education seekers use Eduway to find new educational opportunities.

Eduway focuses on your future with aim on guiding you who are looking for academic or personal development to the right educator - Your Future - Eduway.

Eduways concept is to offer the most user-friendly and cost effective advertising portal for education providers and companies offering development towards a specific audience.

Eduways vision is to become Europe's leading portal for educators, course providers and companies offering organizational and personal development.

Speed – Attitude – Quality – Entrepreneurship.

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