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Mainstream foto skolan

Mainstream foto skolan

You have come here curious about this wonderful medium.  You felt it was such a exciting career or an artistic medium. Maybe you just want to take better pictures for your hobby or on Holiday. Or you felt it was very glamourous to be a photographer. Whether it's on the runway or deep in a  jungle on a documentary or on your own studio set or location. Surrounded by assistants, Makeup artists, hairstylists, clothing stylists, set designers and art directors. You are the one in charge and control of it all, and want to see how you can become a photographer.The truth of it is. It is just that exciting and Glamourous. After almost 25 years of being a professional photographer I can honestly tell you from personal experience that I still feel exactly like that every day! This is your chance to start feeling like that.

This is a course about Photography, Not a graphic arts course. You will learn about light and the way we capture the world around us using photography. We do have basic teachings using useful and required skills with Photoshop. You will gain the tools you will need to do ALL TYPES of photography. Digital, Analog, Alternative and all different genras. Fashion, Glamor, Portrait, Sports, Press, Mingle and Event, Entertainment, Nature, Lanscape, Archetechture, just to name a few. You will gain practical "Hands on" Knowledge on how to become the kind of Photographer you choose. You will learn how to control the camera and composition, instead of the other way around. You will learn what makes a good picture and how to tell the difference.

We love to share our knowledge and experience and want to pass it on to you. This is an intense course. Where we have been compared to schools who teach for a year and get much more out of our course. This is also a relaxed and comfortable environment.

You will be tested, but mostly by yourself and your peers. We care very much if you are following with the skills and work very hard on making sure you are benefitting and retaining them. This course is built in logical steps. You start with the basics of what Photography is and move on to the operations of the camera and photo equipment. This includes studio lightng and sets.

About Company:

Mainstream Foto Skolan is owned and operated by Thomas Mead. Thomas has worked
as a professional photographer for 25 years all over the world. He has an extensive
range of knowledge and experience, working for publications such as
National Geographic. A Swedish citizen has lived and worked for 10 years in
Stockholm Sweden. He has been operating MFS for 4 years in which time we have
worked hard on improving the course. Because people cannot take much time off
from their work and lives he has written an intesive couse for the best education
to fit a very tight schedule.

Education and quality of the course is very important to us. We really care about what
you walk away with. We have a unique teaching method that provides the best route
to learning and retaining the information. We teach in a " Hands On" environment.
This means you actually do the theory and then operate the equipment in the studios.
This way you are familiar and comfortable with everything when you are ready to be
out on your own.

The course is taught in English and Swedish. Providing our international students
the maximum learning environment.

We do provide Digital and Analog Camera rentals if you do not already own a camera.
We also provide excelelent advice on any equipment purchases you want to make.

More info:

MFS provides the tools for a fantastic beginning in a career of photography, using hands-on and real world working experience. Any professional photographer will tell you that experience is the key. MFS offers guidance to all students wishing to go further in a photographic career.

MFS teaching method;
This is an Intense "Hands on" 4 week course. We have been often compared to teaching more in a 4 week course than most get in other 1 year courses. We begin with practical theory on the workings of photography,
light, composition and the equipment. Students are sent on home work assignments.Taking pictures and eveluating the pictures in the class room with your peers. It is important to know this is a PRIVATE COURSE, this means we tailor this course for who is taking the course and how many people are in the course. We take in everystudent's consideration.

With a 100% rate  of student satisfaction from every course. Many of EFS students went on to continue a career in photography. Mainstream Foto School (MFS) is a 4 week, intense, photo course that begins with basic photography and history all the way to advanced photography and studio techniques. MFS caters to the professional looking to increase their skills or branch out into another field of photography, the hobbyist who just wants to learn how to take beautiful pictures but is not concerned with making a career in photography. Or to the student that wants to become a professional photographer.

About Course:

Digtal Photography. You will learn all about the modern Digital camera. All its functions and how to compare it other types of photography.  We will teach you advanced techniques for all types of Digital Photography and the advantages of this medium compared to others. With the invention of Digital Photography the world exploded with new photography enthusasts. Who previously felt Photography was out of reach. We will give you the building blocks to be able to compete with them and to set yourself asdide to be unique and have the tools to begin a fantastic career or to just be really great and taking pictures as a hobby. t's all up to you as to how far you want to take it.

Analog Photography. Why still do Analog Photography when we have digital? There are mediums still not
available in the Digital world such as Large and even though Medium format is avaiable, the costs of Digital
in this format is not practical. Alternative processes like Pinhole Photography and early processes.Analog
photography gives you the benefit of really feeling creative. Like sculpting.You create art with your own
hands, your eyes, your heart and soul. The creative process does not end when you click the shutter on the camera and you look at your picture on the small screen. You have an added mystery of not being able to see
the picture right away, but must trust your minds eye and creatvity and your photogaphy skills.You go through another creative process to create the image. Processing and printing the image in the darkroom gives such
a wonderful feeling of being creative. In a world of Digital Photographers. Learning how to be an Analog Photographer will set you aside from the crowd and earn you the respect and admiration of being a unique artist.

This course is right for everyone. MFS photography course is perfect for all ages and interests. Your MFS teacher with 25 years of professional experience creates a fun and professional learning environment, with a 100% satisfaction rate from previous course students.

Mainstream foto skolan
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